Neopets Merchandise

Ultimate Guide to Neopets Plushies

Paint Brush Tag Plushies (2004-2007)

Plushies received a nice upgrade in 2004. The fabric was now softer and higher quality. The hang tag was replaced with a paint brush of various colours and decorated with a holographic foil border. The border was yellow or red depending on the type of release. Limited edition plushies had a tag with a red border instead of the standard yellow. These plushies were advertised as limited edition and were presumably more limited in quantity than your average plushie release. Much of these were exclusive to Limited Too. Plushies were now offered at more retailers. In the US, the bookstore chain Borders and their mall stores—Waldenbooks and Carlton Cards—now carried Neopets and petpet plushies.

The paint brush tag. Back of tag. The limited edition tag.

Baby Neopets Plushies

No plushie collection would be complete without Baby Neopets! These were each around 5 inches tall, slightly smaller than your average plushie.

Jumbo Plushies

Three more jumbo 10 inch plushies were released during this era, including new versions of Disco Aisha and White Uni plushies.

Plushie Clips

A wide variety of plushie clips were released. Each plushie stands around 4 inches in height. Most clips are smaller versions of existing plushies, while some were entirely new designs such as the Baby Yurble and Meerca.

Plushie Door Hangers

Even more plushie door hangers were released during this timeframe.

Mini Petpet Plushies (2004-2007)

Two years after the mini petpet plushies were introduced, petpets returned to stores with dozens of new colours and species. The petpet-shaped tag was revamped to match the new round plushie tags. These feature a petpet paintbrush and a silver, holographic foil border. Babaa, Harris, Pink Kadoatie, Noil, Blue Doglefox, and Warf plushies were given these new tags when they were re-released in 2005.

The petpet paint brush tag. Back of petpet tag.

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