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Ultimate Guide to Neopets Plushies

McDonald's Plushies (2004-2005)

The complete 2004 collection.

2004 Happy Meal

These plushies have two versions of tags depending on the Neopet's colour. Basic colour Neopets—Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green—have a blue tag that looks extremely similar to the Thinkway Toys plushie tag. Paint Brush colour Neopets—White, Purple, Brown, Orange, Shadow, Cloud, Starry—have bright yellow tags with a Paint Brush. Each of the 15 species had 7 possible colours. With four Mystery Neopian Item plushies, there was a whopping total of 109 plushies in this set.

The standard tag. The paint brush colour tag.

McDonalds 2004 Happy Meal Plushies

2005 Happy Meal

Unlike the 2004 McDonalds tags, these contain Virtual Prize Codes. Unfortunately, these codes are no longer redeemable on Neopets. Just like the 2004 set, there are two different tags. The 2005 tag has a yellow-orange background with sparkles with a Kougra, Kacheek, Meerca, and Gelert below the logo. The paint brush colour version is also the iconic Neopets yellow with the paint brush design.

The standard tag. The paint brush colour tag.

McDonalds 2005 Happy Meal Plushie Clips

Each plushie came with a petpet clip so you can take your Neopet with you wherever you go! They are clip-able on both ends so you can swap petpets or remove the clips altogether.

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