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Ultimate Guide to Neopets Plushies

Kruidvat Plushies (2007)

In September 2007, Neopets ran a promotion with Kruidvat stores in the Netherlands. A small series of medium sized plushies were offered, as well as a large variety of plushie clips. All text is written in Dutch.

Plushie tag. Back of Kruidvat tag. Back of Kruidvat plushie clip tag.

Medium sized plushies were a mix of Limited Too plushies with new tags, new versions of old plushies, and completely new designs. Blue Lupe, Striped JubJub, Speckled Aisha, Green Shoyru, Blue Kougra, and Plushie Scorchio are identical to the US version. The Pink Aisha is a lighter shade of pink compared to its US counterpart, and the Red Scorchio uses softer fabric while standing slightly shorter. The Yellow Wocky and Yellow Kacheek are larger versions of the plushie clip design.

A Mystery Bag from Kruidvat.

Plushie clips were hiding in mystery bags. Each bag could contain an Aisha, Chomby, Kacheek, Kougra, JubJub, Lupe, Moehog, Shoyru, Scorchio, Techo, or Wocky in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, or Starry. There were four colours of each species to collect.

Plushie Clips

The hang tags are similar to the ones sold at Limited Too, except without the holographic accents and having an orange background.

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