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Ultimate Guide to Neopets Plushies

Key Quest Collector Plushies (2008-2009)

JAKKS Pacific ran a total of 7 series of Key Quest plush and one special Royal series. These hang tags were star-shaped, had a shiny foil border, and were inside a plastic pouch to protect the Virtual Prize Code inside. The tag was both tied with a ribbon and attached to the plushie itself, so unscrupulous shoppers could not peek at the codes inside without tampering the tag even if they removed the ribbon.

Key Quest plushies arrived at retailers in cases of 12 plushies, and each contained 1 of 3 possible limited edition plushies. The tags on these limited edition plushie have a gold trim instead of the standard blue. There were also a number of retailer exclusive Key Quest plushies, and these tags have the retailer's logo on them. Four plushies came with figures attached to them, and these versions of the plushies have yellow stars embroidered under their front feet.

Typical Key Quest tag. Limited edition tag with gold trim. Walmart exclusive tag. Target exclusive tag. Toys R Us exclusive tag for the Royal Series.

Series 1: February 3, 2008

  • Limited Editions: Gold Aisha, Gold Gelert, Gold Shoyru
  • Walmart Exclusives: Striped Cybunny With Figure, Yellow Kacheek With Figure

Series 2: May 9, 2008

  • Limited Editions: Silver Aisha, Silver Gelert, Silver Shoyru
  • Walmart Exclusives: Orange Kougra With Figure, Speckled Uni With Figure

Series 3: July 1, 2008

  • Limited Editions: Strawberry JubJub, Strawberry Poogle, Strawberry Usul
  • Target Exclusives: Electric Cybunny, Electric Shoyru, Electric Wocky
  • Walmart Exclusives: Blue Chomby, Orange Meerca

Series 4: September 1, 2008

  • Limited Editions: Halloween Acara, Halloween JubJub, Halloween Kacheek
  • Target Exclusives: Speckled Elephante, Speckled Kiko, Speckled Quiggle
  • Walmart Exclusives: Green Shoyru, Orange Aisha

Royal Series: October 1, 2008

Between series 4 and 5, two limited edition boxes of Royal Neopets were released exclusively at Toys R Us. These royal plushies were sold in 3 packs and could not be purchased individually.

Series 5: November 1, 2008

  • Limited Editions: Christmas Bruce, Christmas Quiggle, Christmas Wocky
  • Walmart Exclusives: Blue Yurble, Pink Moehog, Red Tuskaninny

Target exclusive plushies Striped Gelert, Striped Blumaroo, and Striped Korbat were originally planned for this series but were never released in the US. There is some evidence that these plushies were produced to some degree, and at least one of the species may have been released in South America, but even so, they remain realistically unattainable.

Series 6: December 1, 2008

  • Limited Editions: Gold Blumaroo, Gold Kyrii, Gold Usul
  • Target Exclusives: Starry Acara, Starry Kau, Starry Poogle
  • Walmart Exclusives: Green Shoyru, Orange Aisha

Series 7: August 1, 2009

  • Limited Editions: Silver Cybunny, Silver Lupe, Silver Poogle
  • Target Exclusives: Chocolate Scorchio, Chocolate Usul, Chocolate Xweetok

Series 8

An eighth series was in development but was unfortunately cancelled. Series 8 planned to introduce the first Peophin and Tonu plushies.

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