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Ultimate Guide to Neopets Plushies

Interactive Neopets (2002-2004)

The first wave of Interactive Neopets.

Thinkway Toys produced a series of electronic plushies featuring a handful of fan favourite Neopets and petpets. These battery-operated plushies respond to your voice with lights and sounds and could also respond to each other. Plushies can recognize a Petpet or Neopet species and even hold a conversation with them. The tone of your voice could affect your Neopets mood. If your Neopet was feeling down, a Petpet could cheer them up. Unlike previous releases, these plushies were widely available at many major toy retailers.

Oddly enough, the Puppyblew plushie can be found in two different shades of blue. It is likely the colour was changed to better depict the Puppyblew's signature shade of periwinkle.

A wave of Interactive Faerie Neopets were later produced.

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