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Ultimate Guide to Neopets Plushies

Burger King Plushies (2008)

A purple Kacheek plushie.

In September 2008, Neopets teamed up with Burger King for yet another fast food promotion. This set included 16 plushies across 4 species. However, they are far lower quality than Neopets collectors were used to, even compared to Mcdonalds plushie standards. For example, limbs are made up of fabric cut-outs rather than stuffed and sewn. Details such as eyes are printed on instead of embroidered. These "plushies" came inside Neopian land themed boxes that could fold out into a customisable background, essentially a wearable for your Neopet. The Canadian version of the boxes contained virtual prize codes. These plushies do not contain hang tags.

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