Neopets Merchandise

Ultimate Guide to Neopets Plushies

The Launch Test (2001)

Throughout Neopia's long history, plushies have been one of Neopets' most popular products from kids to collectors alike. From small petpets to giant Neopets, from basic colours to exquisite paint brushes, there is sure to be something for everyone. Let us take a journey through the eras of Neopets plushies, an evolutionary exploration of the Neopets plushie tag.

On November 10, 2001, Neopets ran a Merchandise Launch test event at four stores in Southern California. This marked the release of the very first Neopets plushies and began the era of bringing Neopets into the real world. Produced by STUFFINS, these plushies stood about 7 inches tall and came in four designs—Blue Aisha, Yellow Chia, Red Scorchio, and Green Cybunny. Each Neopet was inside a special velvet pouch.

While the worldwide released versions of the Scorchio, Chia, and Aisha look identical to launch versions at first glance, there are some subtle differences between them. They are slightly smaller than their counterparts, use a trademark (™) symbol instead of the registered trademark (®) on the embroidered Neopets logo, and use the iconic Neopets font, Heffaklump, for the tag description, unlike the mass produced version.

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