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Social Media Giveaway Prize Packs Arrive

This past Illusen Day, Neopets held a takeover event on their official Twitter account with Illusen sharing tidbits about her day.

Throughout the takeover, there were several opportunities for users to win real-life merch prize packs. Jellyneo user rydenlover was one of the lucky winners and was kind enough to write in to share what they won!

The prize pack received contained a number of items from Cakeworthy, including the Faerie T-Shirt, Faerie Mini-Backpack, Classic Neopets Crewneck Sweater, Your Neopets Are Dying Tote, Add Me On Neopets Sticky Notes, Money Tree Notebook, and Soup Faerie Faerie Doll Pin. The Island Kadoatie Key Clip Plush and Rainbow Slorg Key Clip Plush from the Neopets Shop were also thrown in.

If you'd like to see others, a few of our Twitter followers have also posted their prize packs! See what they received: