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Welcome to Jellyneo's Neopets Merchandise database. We endeavour to provide a list of all officially licensed real-life merchandise that has been produced for Neopets over the years.

Latest Merchandise News

Baby Neopets Merch at Cakeworthy

Cakeworthy has added an adorable Baby Neopets mini backpack and matching wallet to their ever-growing Neopets collection. Unfortunately, these items do not include virtual prize codes.

Here's a close-up of the print, on polyurethane fabric:

Use discount code THANKYOU at checkout for 10% off. See our discount codes guide for more details.

Official Tarot Deck Up For Pre-Order

Geekify has finally posted their long-awaited official Tarot Deck up for pre-order. These are expected to ship in December before the holidays. A whopping 78 pieces of brand new Neopets art were developed specifically for these cards. You can see previews of some of them below.

According to longtime Neopets artist Anthony Conley, all pre-orders before November 1st "will receive some special exclusives made for the launch of the deck."

Featuring a full set of 78 unique foiled cards and a diverse cast of Neopian heroes, villains, and inhabitants, this Tarot deck is packed with gorgeous art, familiar landscapes, and deep-rooted meanings and symbolism for helping to reframe your queries, and give new insight into what’s on your mind. Each deck comes with a guide book to assist in interpreting the cards and explore their deeper meanings.

Designed by Aimee Scholz, Anthony Conley, and Katie Olson, the Neopets Tarot deck is a collaborative effort based largely on a traditional Rider-Waite tarot set, with many overlapping themes and visuals. The illustrated guidebook has an explanation and synopsis of each card, as well as a few primers on common reading spreads and methods.

Anthony has also provided some additional previews of some of the art:

Unfortunately, discount codes do not apply on this Tarot Deck, but each Tarot Deck still comes with a rare item code. Anthony added that "Geekify is gunning to do something special with the code" but it is unknown exactly what at this time. We will keep you updated once we have more information.

July Merch Recap

Earlier this month, Cakeworthy released a shirt containing every Neopet and a second series of Faerie Doll pins. You can save 25% off your entire purchase with code HALLOWEENISCOMING until Monday, August 1 at 11:59pm.

What's Your Passion Jewelry released a handful of exclusives for San Diego Comic Con, all of which sold out at the Neopets & What's Your Passion booth by Saturday morning of SDCC. Fortunately for those not able to attend, the Neopets pins could be pre-ordered online during the convention.

A sheet of Upper Deck's new Faerie cards was also given out at SDCC:

Geekify has dropped two new sets of pride pins. According to the listing, "15% of every sale goes to foundations and charities assisting marginalized communities."

A new Fyora fleece blanket and poster have been added. The previous fleece blanket designs are now also available as posters.

Finally, Geekify offered a sneak peek at their upcomming Holiday merchandise:

We've got a Geekify merch announcement for the upcoming holiday season! We've got three new Neopets Christmas ornaments, a stocking, and an all-new Advent Calendar, and possibly some more goodies . We'll be opening pre-orders next month to help gauge quantities for production.

Neopets at San Diego Comic Con 2022

Neopets has just emailed a newsletter on everything they have in store for San Diego Comic Con. They have quite a bit in store this year:

From July 21-24, we will be sharing booth number 929 (along the main aisle) with What's Your Passion Jewelry. Make sure you stop by to get some EXCLUSIVE Neopets swag, including WYP jewelry, some limited edition pins, plush and Upper Deck exclusive giveaway! More details to come, so make sure you follow us on our social media accounts to keep up!

What's Your Passion Jewelry will be selling four exclusive enamel pins at their booth. Should these pins sell out, they will be available for pre-order online.

Can't attend SDCC? No worries, the pins will be available online along with 200 swag gift sets starting at 5:00 PM NST on July 20th. Use code SDCC with any $50+ Neopets purchase to receive a FREE Rainbow Paint Brush pin and lanyard. Gift set must be added to your cart for the code to work. Plus, during the convention, all Neopets Jewelry is 20% off on their website.

You may have heard recently that Neopets is launching a new wave of collectible cards, this time by Upper Deck.

Upper Deck Neopets Exclusives
Neopets trading cards have landed on Upper Deck e-Pack®! Read more about the upcoming Neopets trading cards here! Meanwhile, get ready for new Weekly Products on e-PackTM by getting your hands on these Neopets event exclusives. We created a physical 9-card sheet which features 8 Neopets Faerie trading cards. These 9-card sheets will be available at Comic-Con 2022!

In addition to these physical cards, there are 3 digital cards that can be redeemed by anyone with an Upper Deck e-Pack account (accounts are free). Create an account and visit this link to redeem Fyora, Illere, and Darkest Faerie cards. It is likely possible that for an extra fee, you can choose to receive these cards physically, so we recommend you redeem them now if you love collecting Neopets cards. Only one card pack can be redeemed per person.

The back of these 9-card sheets has a QR code that allows collectors to redeem an exclusive 3-card set. e-PackTM users can now redeem these exclusives by clicking the link below or scanning the QR code. These exclusives will only be available until July 30th so redeem them now.

Where else can you get them?

Collectors will have another chance to get the physical 9-card sheet and redeem the three-card e-PackTM set by visiting Neopets’ booth, #929, or Upper Deck’s booth, #307, during Comic-Con. A limited number of sheets will be handed out each day so be sure to get them before they’re gone.

Visiting the Neopets Booth at SDCC? Jellyneo needs your help adding to our SDCC coverage article! Please send us photos of the booth and swag as well as any information on the activities there.

New Merch at Cakeworthy

Cakeworthy has added some more products to their Neopets collection, a shirt and a new series of Faerie Doll pin blind boxes.

Have you ever wanted all 55 Neopets on one shirt? Well now it can be yours with this unisex t-shirt!

If you couldn't get enough Faerie Doll pins, now there's 8 more to collect:

You can use the discount code THANKYOU at checkout for 10% off your purchase. See our Discount Codes page for more details.

Daily Neopets Alerts: Feb 24, 2024

All Day

The Drenched
The Drenched are available to add to your BD Challenger list today.


Snowager Sleeping
from 6:00 AM to 6:59 AM NST
Snowager Sleeping
from 2:00 PM to 2:59 PM NST
Snowager Sleeping
from 10:00 PM to 10:59 PM NST


Symol Hole Prize Window
from 4:26:00 AM to 4:29:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 5:26:00 AM to 5:29:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 6:26:00 AM to 6:29:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 7:26:00 AM to 7:29:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 8:26:00 AM to 8:29:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 9:26:00 AM to 9:29:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 10:26:00 AM to 10:29:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 11:26:00 AM to 11:29:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 12:26:00 PM to 12:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 1:26:00 PM to 1:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 2:26:00 PM to 2:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 3:26:00 PM to 3:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 4:26:00 PM to 4:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 5:26:00 PM to 5:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 6:26:00 PM to 6:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 7:26:00 PM to 7:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 8:26:00 PM to 8:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 9:26:00 PM to 9:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 10:26:00 PM to 10:29:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 11:26:00 PM to 11:29:59 PM NST