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Welcome to Jellyneo's Neopets Merchandise database. We endeavour to provide a list of all officially licensed real-life merchandise that has been produced for Neopets over the years.

Latest Merchandise News

Official Cookbook Reddit AMA Today

Erinn Pascal, the author of the upcoming Neopets: The Official Cookbook, will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit's r/IAMA today at 3:00 PM NST. You will need a Reddit account to participate.

Stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peek at Neopets' very first cookbook, coming soon!

New Hoodie + Joggers at Cakeworthy

Cakeworthy has dropped their Neopets Spring collection: A unisex AOP (All Over Print) hoodie and matching joggers.

Reminder that you can receive 10% off your Cakeworthy purchase with code THANKYOU at checkout. Cakeworthy ships to the US, Canada, and UK. Like the rest of Cakeworthy's products, none of these items include virtual prize codes.

LAST CHANCE: Today is the final day to order the MegaCon and Wondercon convention exclusive pins before they disappear forever at midnight EST! You can find the wearable previews of the prize code items here. These items ship worldwide.

What's Your Passion Convention Exclusives

What's Your Passion Jewelry has just dropped their Spring Convention Exclusives! Six Neopets pins (Chomby, Eyrie, Usul, Scorchio, Techo, Flotsam), 1 Petpet pin (Meepit), and a new lanyard are available online from March 24th 12:01 AM EST to April 2nd 11:59 PM EST. These can also be purchased at What's Your Passion's booths at WonderCon (booth 913) from March 24th to 26th and at Megacon Orlando (booth 6006) from March 30th to April 2nd.

All pins and the lanyard come with rare item codes for an exclusive item!

EDIT 3/26: Here are the wearable previews for the new code items:

Meepits Tube Garland | Chomby Grazing Background | Sky Full of Eyries Background

Usul Doll Tea Party Foreground | Scorchio Marshmallow Campfire Garland | Techo Relaxing in a Tree Trinket

Flotsam Circling Background Item | Cherry Blossom Ona Surprise Foreground

A Limited Edition cherry blossom-themed lanyard has just been released in time for Spring! This lanyard can be purchased individually or is included FREE with spending $50 or more on Neopets products. Only 300 made!

As always, receive a free pin for spending $95 or more on Neopets merch, and receive a bonus Tier 2 code with $45 Neopets purchase.

Neopets Trading Cards Launching Tomorrow

Update (1/31/2023): Upper Deck has provided a further update.
Already owned digital cards can now be redeemed for physical cards again.
These cards will still be needed to complete the Paint Brush Achievements at the end of the program so if you are planning on completing the set, you should wait until the end to have everything shipped.
Packs will still be limited to 499 per week and staying at $5.99 per pack.
No eta yet on next drop as they are still working with Jumpstart/Neopets on some details.

Update (1/23/2023): Due to the feedback received from the Neopets Community, Upper Deck has decided to put future releases on hold. They are working with The Neopets Team and will provide updates as available.

Update (1/24/2023): This morning physical redemption has been turned off for cards that people already own. (Their redemption status now reflects as "pending.")

The long awaited Trading Card series from Upper Deck will be launching tomorrow at 9am NST on!

Upper Deck e-Pack features a hybrid of both digital and physical trading cards. The site allows you to collect and trade digitally, and then redeem certain digital cards for physical copies.

All cards in this set will be eligible for physical card redemption. You must own the digital copy (and it must not have been previously redeemed!!) in order to claim the printed version. Digital cards may be traded within the app in order to complete your sets before redemption. Caution: Always check to see that the card you are trading for has not yet been redeemed before trading for it.

When redeeming physical copies of your cards, there is a flat shipping charge starting at $5.00 (USD) (with pricier options if you want expedited shipping), plus $1.00 for the first card and $0.25 for each additional card. The fees apply to each batch of cards you redeem, so to save money, wait until you have all the cards you're hoping to get physical copies of.

New packs will be released every Tuesday at 9am NST (a maximum of 499 packs per week for $5.99 each) for the next 9 weeks, each containing that week's 3 base series cards as well as one of three Baby variant cards.

Update: Week one packs sold out in 12 minutes

1 in six packs will also contain a Faerie variant card. 1 in 12 packs a code card with a code redeemable for an exclusive item on Printing plates (limited to 1 each) will also be randomly inserted.

New Valentine's Day Pins

Our friends at What's Your Passion Jewelry have announced four new Valentine's Day themed hard enamel pins that will be launching for preorder this weekend! (9:01PM Neopian Time on Saturday 12/30 which is 12:01AM Eastern Time on Sunday 1/1.)

Update: The preorder is now live!

These are estimated to ship in early February (and they do ship internationally.)

Each comes with a Virtual Prize Code! (Regular Tier 1 prize pool for the Mynci and Noil and UC prize pool for the Cybunnies.)

You will also receive a bonus (Tier 2) Virtual Prize Code if you are purchasing $45 or more of Neopets items from WYP, and you can also select a free Neopets pin with a Neopets purchase of $95 or more. (No promo codes necessary.)

For a list of what's in each of those RIC prize pools, check out our Rare Item Code guide:

Daily Neopets Alerts: Nov 29, 2023

All Day

Discounted: Treasure of the Black Pawkeet
For the month of November, Treasure of the Black Pawkeet costs 50% less per game.
Free Training: Xweetok
Train your Xweetok for free at the Academy today.


Snowager Sleeping
from 6:00 AM to 6:59 AM NST
Snowager Sleeping
from 2:00 PM to 2:59 PM NST
Snowager Sleeping
from 10:00 PM to 10:59 PM NST


Symol Hole Prize Window
from 6:15:00 AM to 6:18:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 7:15:00 AM to 7:18:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 8:15:00 AM to 8:18:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 9:15:00 AM to 9:18:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 10:15:00 AM to 10:18:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 11:15:00 AM to 11:18:59 AM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 12:15:00 PM to 12:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 1:15:00 PM to 1:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 2:15:00 PM to 2:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 3:15:00 PM to 3:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 4:15:00 PM to 4:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 5:15:00 PM to 5:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 6:15:00 PM to 6:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 7:15:00 PM to 7:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 8:15:00 PM to 8:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 9:15:00 PM to 9:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 10:15:00 PM to 10:18:59 PM NST
Symol Hole Prize Window
from 11:15:00 PM to 11:18:59 PM NST