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Welcome to Jellyneo's Neopets Merchandise database. We endeavour to provide a list of all officially licensed real-life merchandise that has been produced for Neopets over the years.

Latest Merchandise News

Neopets NFTs Return

Announced today via a press release, Neopets will soon be launching another delve into the world of cryptocurrencies with the contentious technology of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs.

Known as the Neopets Metaverse, this project will be launching on the Raydium storefront, slated for next month. This store uses the Solana cryptocurrency. According to the press release, 20,500 NFTs will initially be released, featuring default customised Neopets which vary by species, colour, gender, hat, clothing, and another presently unknown factor. Although details are scarce at this stage, it seems likely that these factors will be randomly assigned when you purchase the NFT. Some examples of NFTs shown are:

You may remember that a few years back Neopets released a similar project using blockchain technology known as Neopets Cryptoquest. At this stage, it does not appear to be releated (and is using a different cryptocurrency). You may also remember that JN's own April Fool's prank this year featured a similar idea.

For those unaware, NFTs are a form of digital merchandise. You buy a blockchain-backed representation of artwork that is unique. However, what you are buying is the NFT - you hold no ownership of the artwork itself. You are then free to resell this NFT if you wish to do so, or you can keep it forever.

New Halloween Enamel Pins

A new series of Halloween-themed enamel pins is coming to Geekify! They are priced at $9.99 each, and each one comes with a Rare Item Code. Or, pay $65.99 for the full set of eight ($8.25 each) and receive a velvet pouch along with a bonus higher tier Rare Item Code.

The pins are currently in pre-production and will begin shipping in mid-October.

Geekify Pre-Order Update + New Pride Shirt in Neopets Shop

Geekify has notified those who have pre-ordered their Neopoints Metal Coins that they will be delayed due to quality issues. The coins are getting remade and they anticipate they will be shipped after September 20th. There's been no update on Geekify's pre-order for the newest set of Paint Brush Pins, which are slated to ship beginning of September, so we expect to see these soon!

If you were unenthused by the Crop Top style but wanted to rock the Pride Paint Brushes shirt, you're in luck! Neopets Shop now offers the Pride Paint Brushes design on a Unisex T-shirt! Available in 3 colors: Black, White, and Purple!

While Neopets Shop discount codes do not work on Pride merchandise, 20% of the proceeds are donated towards the It Gets Better Project!

Neopets Shop 20% off Sale This Weekend is offering 20% off with code NEO20, this weekend only! If you've been waiting for a sale, now's your chance to pick up all of the cool new items released in the last month.

To check out the restrictions and more, see our discount codes page.

New Tumblers + Illusen & Jhudora Wine Glasses at

Neopets Shop has expanded their drinkware section! Two stemless wine glasses featuring Illusen and Jhudora and a tumbler have been added. The tumbler is available in three colors—white, black, and blue—and offered in 20 oz or 30 oz sizes.

Find them plus all of the cool new merch on the newest products list. Don't forget to check out our guide to discount codes to get more for your money! Neopets Shop ships internationally.