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Welcome to Jellyneo's Neopets Merchandise database. We endeavour to provide a list of all officially licensed real-life merchandise that has been produced for Neopets over the years.

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Happy Sloth Day!

From all of us at Jellyneo...

Enjoy the Sloth themes around our site!

Don't Forget: The Mind Control Lab on Neopets is only available today, January 14th. Make sure you take your loyalty test, as this is your only opportunity for the year to prove that you truly love Dr. Frank Sloth.

Neopets x Cakeworthy Collection

A new Neopets merch collaboration has launched with the fashion brand Cakeworthy, featuring 11 exclusive items.

This collection includes Neopets first ever series of blind box enamel pins! Which faerie dolls will you get? (NOTE: The product description names 7 faeries plus 1 mystery faerie, Your possibilities include Illusen, Jhudora, Fyora, Taelia, Kari, The Tooth Faerie, The Soup Faerie, and one mystery Faerie! The product photo shows all 8 different faeries, including the Darkest Faerie who is not named in the description and is likely the "mystery Faerie".)

There's a small range of clothing in ladies or unisex sizing–a sweater, flannel shirt, dress, long sleeve shirt, T-shirt, and rather vibrant onesie. Don't forget the accessories–a mini backpack and tote, as well as stationery–sticky notes and a notebook. Cakeworthy ships to the US, Canada, and the UK.

You can find more info about each of these items in our Merch Database!

What do you think of this new collection? Is it an improvement over previous Neopets clothing releases? Let us know in the comments!

Want a discount? Sign up to receive Cakeworthy newsletters to get a 10% off discount code valid for a week. You can receive an easy $10 off and additional rewards by making an account, signing up for Sprinkles Rewards, and following the steps on the rewards page. However, the rewards discounts do not stack with the 10% off code.

Happy New Year!

From all of us at Jellyneo:

Plushie Guide + New Neopets Plushies Available For Pre-Order

At long last, Neopets has released a new wave of Neopets plushies for pre-order at Neopets Shop. There's five in the set: Faerie Draik (the very first Draik plushie!), and four plushie clips—Island Kadoatie, Rainbow Slorg, Plushie Snowbunny, and Royal Meepit. These are estimated to ship in around 2-4 weeks, we hope in time for the holidays. Each plushie comes with a "unique in game code."

A bundle of all five is available for $50, a $10 discount. Neopets Shop also offers international shipping.

These plushies are the latest in the long saga of Neopets plushies. Take a journey on a blast to the past by checking out our brand new plushie guide over on at our Merch Database!

Do you collect any Neopets Plushies? What plushies would you love to see made? Let us know in the comments.

Christmas Comes Early at Neopets Shop

Neopets Shop has just added their Holiday collection!

You can find ugly sweater style sweatshirts, a fan-designed sweatshirt, an ornament, a stocking, and a mug.

As always, you can check out our discount codes page to save some extra money on Neopets Shop merch!