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Welcome to Jellyneo's Neopets Merchandise database. We endeavour to provide a list of all officially licensed real-life merchandise that has been produced for Neopets over the years.

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Neopets Goes on Tour

Neopets will be coming to various conventions around the USA and Asia this fall! Here's where they just announced they'll have a presence:

When: October 7th-8th
Where: The Oncenter's Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center, Syracuse, New York, USA
Tickets: Starting at $42.59 for a weekend pass, or $25.25 for day pass Tickets

The sponsorship will allow Neopets to give back to the local community like never before. Neopets is teaming up with RetroGameCon to support a worthy cause through a con-wide auction, allowing attendees to bid on exclusive Neopets merch packages, with proceeds benefiting Extra Life. Attendees can look forward to a blast from the past with a Neopian scavenger hunt throughout the show, redefining the brand's commitment to bringing to life immersive and community-driven projects. All attendees will also receive an exclusive Neopets lanyard at the event!

There will also be a scavenger hunt available, and the first 500 to finish will receive a "special prize."

New York Comic Con
When: October 13th-14th
Where: Javits Centre, New York, New York, USA
Tickets: Starting at $73.25 for Thursday and Sunday only (Fri + Sat sold out) Tickets

Fans and adventurers can join in on Neopets-themed quests, photo ops, and Neostalgic giveaways featuring a Faerie twist! With surprises around every corner, this faerie extravaganza promises to transport attendees into the enchanting world of Neopia. Fans are invited to look out for 5 Neopian Faeries floating around the convention center to participate in an exclusive NYCC giveaway by snapping a photo and tagging @NeopetsOfficialAccount on Instagram to participate!

gamescom asia
When: October 19th-22nd
Where: Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore
Tickets: Starting at S$25 Tickets

CEO Speaking Panel
Neopets is honored to have its passionate leader, Dominic Law, as a featured speaker at gamescom asia. Dominic will be sharing insights into the evolution of Neopets and the gaming industry. ... Attendees can look forward to an engaging and thought-provoking session that explores the past, present, and future of Neopets. Singapore is one of Neopets' most engaged countries outside of North America. As an international hub of tech and innovation, it will help usher in a coast-to-coast effort by Neopets to revive the brand. The game has always brought together a diverse demographic, and for the first time, that global online community will be celebrated by the brand in person.

Neopets Merch Giveaway

TNT is hosting a giveaway for the new Neopets hoods/hats that were teased in last week's CEO AMA!

As is usual now, this giveaway is being hosted via Gleam but the tasks you need to complete are a bit different than past contests.

The giveaway is running from today, September 13th, and closes on September 27th at 7:00 AM NST.

To participate, you'll need to enter with your email (or use Facebook or Twitter to log in) and then provide your Neopets username. There will be three groups of winners:

  • 150 winners for anyone who is subscribed to Premium during the contest period
  • 100 winners for anyone who purchases Neocash during the contest period (the entry details are not specific here, but we're assuming you need to purchase the Neocash directly from—not redeem an NC card code)
  • 50 winners for anyone who logs into during the contest period

The tasks are as follows:

  • Enter the Username of Your Neopets Game Account
  • Visit Neopets on Facebook
  • Visit @neopetsofficialaccount on Instagram
  • Follow @Neopets on Twitter
  • Follow @officialneopets on TikTok
  • Purchase our Neopets: The Official Cookbook and Submit Your Receipt To Get Extra Entries!
  • Refer a Friend to Get An Extra Entries

If you plan on participating, check our comments section for referral links and help out another Neopian with some entries! And once you sign up, feel free to post your referral link in our comment section. You can only refer one other Neopian for entries, so leave a note once you've used someone's link.

September Updates

Today a new update for September has been posted on the new unified homepage. The contents have also been sent out in the monthly emails today.

Among the usual updates about previous things like the CEO AMA last week, this month's update has come with a few new announcements!

Firstly, the previously announced reveal this coming Wednesday for the new hat merch teased in the CEO AMA will also include a giveaway. No details yet on what this will include or how to enter, but we will keep you updated as more is revealed.

Secondly, the page has announced that this year's Faerie Festival, which will also feature Charity Corner-like elements, will begin on Wednesday, September 20th. It appears there will also be an expanded storyline this year.

Finally, the page also reveals an upcoming new feature due to release in 'mid-September' called Daily Quests. These sound similar to achievements that many contemporary games have to encourage players to experience different parts of the game:

Adventure awaits with the thrilling arrival of Daily Quests, making their debut in mid-September. This feature will serve as the ultimate guide for new users, helping them dive headfirst into the enchanting world of Neopia. For our seasoned adventurers, Daily Quests will soon become your go-to destination for even more daily rewards, offering a refreshing twist to your daily routine. Stay tuned as the countdown begins for a whole new way to embark on quests and earn incredible prizes!

Usukicon Swag Bag Up For Preorder

Geekify is taking preorders for the very first Usukicon Swag bag, filled with Usuki-themed goodies. This item is estimated to ship in mid-October. If you want one, don't wait too long, as the swag bag is "a very limited edition run," and once it's sold out, it's gone for good.

According to the listing, each set contains:

-Sticker set
-Magnetic dress-up doll and background
-3D Magical Hair Usuki doll figurine
-UsukiCon Silicone Keychain
-Enamel pin set of 8 pins
-Art Print
-Badge & Lanyard
-UsukiCon Y25 Bag
Here are the pins that are included in the swag bag:

Use code NEOPETSROCKS at checkout for $5 off your Neopets purchase!

Happy 19th Birthday, Jellyneo!

On August 22nd, 19 years ago, Jellyneo was born! And we've been very happy to be bringing you the latest Neopets news and help ever since. You can stop by Jellyneo any time to peruse a complete Item Database (now with almost 64,000 item entries); visit the only destination on the 'net for Neopian history and lore; find a place to preview wearables; reference the premier guide to the Battledome; search a unique, categorized listing of over 146,000 Neopets images; peruse a full list of Neopets merch released since 1999; not to mention read a massive repository of guides and articles for any Neopets feature you can probably think of. And all of it is done to help you, our fellow Neopians.

To celebrate our 19th birthday, we're celebrating with a few new updates, and we're taking a look back over the past year to show you what we've accomplished!

Journey to the Lost Isle: Remastered
Continuing onward in our quest to preserve old Neopets storylines, we are excited to announce the next event series that we've remastered: Journey to the Lost Isle!

Join up with Professor Hugo Fairweather as he's come into possession information about the location of a lost island. He's quickly shot down by his fellow academics, but everyone's favorite adventurer, Roxton A. Colchester III, steps in and offers to accompany the professor and his daughter Lilian on an expedition to the island.

This plot also famously launched right after the big site layout update and customisation release in 2007—to give anyone complaining about it something else to talk about!

New & Updated Content!
Here's a list of all the great new guides we've published over the past year:

And here's what we've made major updates to over the past year:

New Features in the Item Database!
As always, we've spent quite a bit of time over the past year adding to and enhancing our Item Database—on top of the daily upkeep of adding new items! Here's what's new:

  • At the Cooking Pot
    Items that are used as ingredients in Cooking Pot recipes will now show that information on their info pages.
  • Trading Post Tagging
    We revamped our tagging contribution section to have quicker turnaround time and more timely lots for tagging. Helping to tag helps build up our pricing data!
  • On Your Wishlists
    If you have an item on your wishlist, it'll now display which wishlists on the item info page. You'll also have access to a bunch of quick actions, like the ability to toggle whether an item has been obtained or the ability to remove an item from your list.
  • TCG Cards
    All TCG items have had their respective full size TCG images added to item info pages!
  • NC Archive Wheel Prizes
    All prizes from the NC Archives Wheel have been marked, and you can now search by whether an item is a current Archives Wheel prize or a past one.
  • Items That Give More Items
    While not traditionally items like goodie bags, there are a lot of items in Neopia that will "give" you another item when consumed, such as a Bacon Omelette turning into a 2/3 Bacon Omelette. We've added things like Omelettes, Jellies, Pizzas, Magical Plushies, and more to our "Items That Give More Items" guide so that you can quickly see where those types of items originated from.
  • Est. Value
    We added the Est. Value for items that we have been collecting over the past several months to item info pages!
  • New Special Searches
    More special searches were added, like "All Cures" and "Requested by the Esophagor".
  • Search Options Galore!
    We enhanced our sidebar search to incorporate a lot of the fields and tags we've added over the years, but never added to the sidebar. You can now search by a whopping 15 additional fields, and we updated many others to be more flexible!
  • Static Previews
    For all wearables, we added static image previews to the item info page for a quick snapshot into what a wearable will look like on Neopets.
  • Dyeworks Section
    All items that can be dyed at Loic's Studio and all items that come from his studio now have a new "Dyeworks" section on their item info page.
  • I Taunt the Pant Devil Avatar Guide & Prize Shop Guide
    New guides added for the I Taunt the Pant Devil avatar and prize shops!

And to keep up with all our continued changes, be sure to check out the change log:

As Jellyneo turns one year older, thank you to all of you, our amazing visitors. We really appreciate all of your support and kind words that we receive. Here's to another year of Neopets help and fun!